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Learning Case Study

Our goal is to help you by giving you ideas, information and resources to support your success. We are committed to this. So we want to introduce Jewel Software, a company that we will follow throughout several issues and challenges. You will have the opportunity to learn about their business, the issues they face and how they handle them. We know you will have a lot in common with this company and hope you enjoy their adventure.

Below, we present a new scenario involving issues of leadership, business growth, and becoming a more professional organization.

So get ready to grow with Jewel.

Meet and learn about Jewel Software.

#1 No Time to Plan!

#2 No Time to Argue

#3 Don't be Stupid with Your Money


Client Case Studies


From 0 to a Million...

KVIE Channel 6
Defined and set a plan to achieve a challenging strategic objective

Reclamation District 108
Created and executed a plan for changing leadership.

Solano Magazine
Increased sales by 20% in only 120 days through training and coaching.

Yuba Sutter County of Schools
Developed new skills to build stronger relationships with business.

Innovative Education Management (executive coaching)
Improved communication skills creates a 35% increase in revenue.

Media Company
Change, Transition, Investment…Helping a New Executive Become His Best





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