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Coach Approach

Leadership is not about making yourself more powerful. It’s about making people around you more powerful. — Betty Linton

In today’s complex and fast-changing marketplace, the critical need of people and organizations is the ability to change. Yet positive change—moving from what worked in the past to what is needed going forward—is almost always a challenging process.  

Organizational excellence is not the creation of a single talented individual but the product of a team of capable and dedicated people operating at peak capacity. The team shares the vision, the accountability, and the rewards. Solutions come from all levels and directions. Success comes through collaboration.

Today’s effective leader is a potent catalyst for change and a tireless developer of human potential. The traditional authoritarian style—power by position—is replaced by the Servant Leader model—influence by walking the talk, and most important, by valuing and fostering the ideas and abilities of team members. Today’s successful leader is a coach whose goal is not primarily personal success but team achievement by a group of people performing at their best. The most effective way of building a high-performing team is the Coach Approach.

You can learn the Coach Approach through our Associate Certified Coach course, available to your organization and to individuals.  

Coaching Competencies

Leadership coach competency is a combination of philosophy and skill. In our course, we teach the Servant Leader philosophy, and we help leaders and managers develop these coaching skills:   

  • Create a safe environment, where employees can express their ideas freely
  • Effectively communicate a shared vision
  • Listen to learn what employees need to perform at their best
  • Ask powerful questions that promote higher-level thinking
  • Encourage employee buy-in, ownership, and accountability

We teach leadership principles that support high-performing teams:

  • Overcome fears and resistance to change
  • Inspire employees to consistently give their best efforts
  • Increase collaboration
  • Support ongoing learning and development
  • Increase employee work satisfaction

Associate Certified Coach Program

The most important factor in your success as a leader is your own ongoing learning—continual development of both skills and character. Our Associate Certified Coach course is designed to give you the foundation you need. This course meets the training requirements for the International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach credential. The 3-module course consists of 60 hours of classroom instruction and practice, and 10 hours of independent study and virtual training.

Module 1:     Leader as Coach (philosophy and ethics)

Module 2:     Core ICF Competencies and Skill Development

Module 3:     Coaching Conversations

Course Objectives

Our objective is to help you gain the eleven ICF core competencies, which will enable you to engage in effective coaching conversations. Each student coach will have the opportunity to gain these skills and abilities:

  • Clear understanding of the ICF Core competencies and how they are used in a coaching conversation
  • Coaching ethics and the Servant Leader philosophy
  • Respectful approach to all communication
  • Ability to listen at the ACC level
  • Ability to ask questions at the ACC level
  • Practical techniques to develop and coach others

We customize our ACC course to meet your organization’s specific needs and find those situations where coaching can be most effective in supporting your Vision, Mission and overall goals. Classes are highly interactive, engaging, and focused on providing the best information, tools, and resources. Each module includes the following learning activities:

  • In-class discussions, exercises, and practices: Participation is required for completion.
  • Live and video coaching demonstrations to analyze
  • Self-assessments for each student to identify strengths and areas of needed growth
  • Time to implement the learning: Between classes, students have the opportunity to use newly acquired skills and then return to class for feedback and support as new behaviors become more comfortable.

Course Instructors

All our instructors hold ICF coaching credentials. They bring real-world leadership perspectives to the training.  Director Michelle Payne is a Master Certified Coach with over 10,000 hours of experience in coaching leaders and executives. Michelle has taught student coaches for ten years. The course is also taught by these experienced instructors:  

  • Laurie Cozart, PCC
  • Corry Ann March, PCC
  • Ray Weaver, PCC

This course is available directly to organizations and is also offered publicly to individuals once a year. Our next public course will be held in Sacramento, California, in January 2015. For more information, contact Michelle Payne at mpayne@seestrategies.

Price:  $2900 Includes all materials.

Maximum Class Size:  12

Cancelation Policy

Tuition is required one month before the program begins.  Specific arrangements for payments can be discussed for organizations that are purchasing the program privately.

You may cancel 5 business days or more prior to the starting date of the program, and your tuition is fully refundable minus a $300 non-refundable deposit, per person.   No refunds are possible after the starting date. 

You may substitute another student in your place at any time prior to the start of the program at no cost.


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