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“You have worked with me to develop a successful business, while focusing on the needs of the business while building my strengths and leveraging my opportunities.”

Kate Motz, National Sales Director, eWomen Network


Discovery Session

Discovery Sessions - What's In It For You?
You may be thinking, “what is SEE Strategies's Discovery Session all about? What do I have to discover about my organization, about our business goals and how we plan on meeting and exceeding those goals?”

First and foremost, the concept behind a Discovery Session is simply to explore the facets of your organization that are running efficiently and discuss aspects of your organization that may require a little elbow grease, and in some cases a lot of elbow grease. Having a friendly dialogue about your organization is akin to discussing your unique accomplishments and challenges with a trusted professional who can provide unbiased expertise that comes from true business experience.

Why Does It Work?
The discovery session benefits every business, department and organization because we have a concise dialogue with you regarding 8 specific, key components to the success of your business. Together, from this structured process, we will find specific areas that need some work. We even help outline the specific tasks to address each area of concern.
Consider this – You're frustrated and your time is consumed doing the wrong tasks, you have issues you can't resolve, you are having difficulty meeting your objectives…thus, you’re losing sleep at night. Perhaps you have great people already working for the organization, but you’re not getting the contributions and results you need. Stop the stress and regain your focus with a structured interview we call a discovery session.

Allow the time you need to step back and evaluate these valuable issues with an objective business professional who will listen to your unique perspective on the attributes of your company. It's a true value to be able to discuss how you and your organization feel about the critical components that make your organization the best that it can be.

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