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"Of all the consultants that we have hired over the years, I can state with full conviction that Michelle is absolutely the best of the best.  Beyond the obvious results that her coaching has provided to me, my team, and our overall leadership development– her impact has changed our company culture from “tired and resigned”, to “fully charged and excited” about our future.  There’s just not a dollar figure that can be placed on that feeling. "


-Gordon Fowler, CEO

3 Fold Communications


"After only 4 months of coaching with Michelle Payne, I have achieved more of my business goals than I was able to accomplish in the first 11 years of my running my business."

Brian Gorski, CEO

Capital City Carpet


“When we first met, just over a year ago, I was overwhelmed, had no vision for the company and little understanding of the state of my business and ability to execute my ideas. Thanks to your excellent coaching, I am confident and in control-I am organized, I understand PRIMA, and I have a vision and a plan to achieve it.”


Cindy Schreier, Ph.D., PRIMA, Environmental


Executive Coaching                                      Return on Investment


Are you ready for the ride of your life? Ready to make the surge forward that leaves your indelible mark on the future of your organization? Or, maybe it’s time you moved into the senior executive suite…the leadership role you’ve prepared for your entire career?

Whatever your vision, SEE Strategies’s proven and time-tested coaching strategies will help you drive more meaning and success. We help you to:

  • Seamlessly magnify your best assets and unleash your full potential;
  • Crystallize your vision into clearly defined, attainable goals;
  • Hone your strategies for accelerated achievement;
  • Intensify the power of your leadership to inspire and cultivate excellence; and,
  • Compress time…achieve important goals faster and with greater precision.

With expertise that covers every important facet of the current and future business landscape, SEE Strategies has helped hundreds of executives make profound and lasting changes. This assures you a degree of certainty that’s difficult to find elsewhere.

Another thing you’ll like is that we respect your time. Our job is to help you move quickly from where you are today toward accomplishing your goals. This key difference has made SEE Strategies a leader in executive coaching. We focus on:

  • Creating and implementing real-world tactical and strategic plans;
  • Focusing on concrete, measurable results; and
  • Providing you with honest, to-the-point observations and feedback.

We understand that time is your most valuable resource. That’s why we always place the emphasis on you. We promise there will be no wasted time, no interference with your day-to-day operations. We focus on your agenda, not ours.

Why it works
Experience, time-tested, battle-tested techniques, attention to often over-looked but important detail, an emphasis on your needs. These are just some of the reasons our Executive Coaching is so effective.

Please view our code of ethics that we passionately abide by.



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