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"Michelle provided excellent ideas and strategies to our group of women attorneys.  We wished we had more time with Michelle as her facilitation led us into a thoughtful substantive discussion which forced each of us to examine our priorities. I recommend Michelle to any professional who wishes to focus their personal or professional life and have a great time doing it!"

Jennifer Randlett Madden



Facilitation and Strategic Planning

In one-on-one coaching, an outside, objective viewpoint helps leaders gain critical perspective on the issues they face. The same is true in groups. Whenever you have a room full of diverse ideas, values, and perceptions—you'll find conflict. Often, those with the most to offer are least able to communicate their ideas clearly or build consensus. Important ideas frequently go unheard and that fuels differences that diminish staff performance, foster hard feelings, and weaken team-building efforts.

Our facilitators are experts at bringing out the best in groups, ensuring that all voices are heard, that ideas are explored collaboratively, and that agreements are reached with buy-in from the majority. Effective facilitation generates energy and commitment and helps reduce resistance to critical changes. The benefit: team members working happily in the same direction with the same purpose, and each one accountable.

When you decide to achieve more with your meetings and planning sessions, contact us. We'll show you how to reduce the conflict that erodes performance in your organization right now. We guarantee. it. Contact us for your today.

"Michelle’s presentation was excellent. She is an engaging facilitator who elicited important discussion questions from the group and that helped us focus on our personal growth and development."

   -Grace M. Arupo, CALIFORNIA ISO


Board of Directors Planning

Whether for a private or public organization, a Board of Directors must face innumerable unique challenges. The SEE Strategies team has led numerous boards through strategic planning processes that have led to successful structural re-organizations, succession planning, and leadership development. Contact us today and learn how your organization can experience results similar to those of other organizational clients.



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