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"Michelle’s presentation was excellent. She is an engaging facilitator who elicited important discussion questions from the group and that helped us focus on our  growth and development."

Grace M. Arupo

Counsel - Corporate



Leadership Skill Development

Is everybody in your organization ready to rise to the next challenge? Few organizations could honestly answer "Yes" to that question. Our comprehensive package of leadership-skills workshops focus on core topics critical to raising the level of performance in your organization. These workshops address the practical knowledge, skills and tools leaders need to unleash their full potential and to help organizations build and maintain long-term business results.

Do you want to know the secrets of the most successful business leaders in the world? Would you like to know what they know? Do what they do?  Experience new, satisfying levels of success? Through customized development sessions you will acquire the powerful essentials of practical leadership...skills that will propel you to SEE Strategies.

Common Areas of Skill Development Needs (details)

No cookie-cutter solutions. Every workshop and training session we present is tailored to the unique situation of each client. We offer custom workshops from two hours to two full days, depending on your needs. In addition to the topics listed above, we will also create in-depth workshops on related topics of importance to your organization. Contact us to discuss how to create a leadership-skills development program that matches your business needs precisely.

Presentation Skills

This intensive, interactive communication skills development program begins by helping you see yourself as others see you. Our communications specialists will help you build on your strengths and eliminate weaknesses. You'll develop the kind of winning presence and rapport building skills that successful leaders possess. As a leader you are always in the spotlight. The foundation of success in business and in life is the ability to authentically engage and connect with others. Contact us for more information.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

It is widely known that a primary force underlying performance problems is the lack of well developed emotional intelligence; individually, in teams, and organization wide. The core capacities of self-reflection, self-regulation, and empathy are the foundational building blocks of emotional intelligence and fuel essential competencies like flexibility, adaptability, resilience, tolerance, and the ability to remain highly effective under challenging situations. Research continues to document the impact highly developed or underdeveloped emotional intelligence has on the bottom-line performance of the individual and the organization. This is particularly true for leaders and anyone who manages people. Contact us for more information.


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