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"See provides our organization with a very scalable, low cost and effective tool to support our employees professional growth and development."

-Mira E. Leiwant
Global Strategic Marketing
Cordis Corporation USA

A Johnson & Johnson Company


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Online Planning & Communications Systems

A Simple, Efficient and Effective Way for Employees to Accomplish Key Goals FASTER and Be Responsible for their OWN Professional Development.


SEE is an online professional development and planning tool that will help power you and your employees toward success in accomplishing goals, career management and accelerating personal and professional growth.

It’s Simple, Efficient and Effective. Based solely on your company's needs, SEE can provide the exact encouragement, advice, training and direction needed no matter where you are.


Because of its unique blend of resources, SEE provides the means for self-directed action, supported by professional coaching. It’s ideal for large and small organizations because it can be customized to fit specific needs, while providing sound coaching and a planning tool that promotes individual and group development practices.

Who uses SEE?

Because of its unique blend of personal planning and professional development resources, SEE is used effectively by:

  • Large organizations (500 or more end-users);
  • Associations and membership organizations;
  • Small businesses; and, (want it for less than 10 people…visit Seeyourstrategy.com)
  • Solo professionals.

"SEE is a tool that has been a big part of changing our company culture."
---Laurie Cozart, COO/Director of Sales, International Design Company


How SEE Works.

First,  was developed by the coaching experts at SEE Strategies, a prominent leadership, management and coaching organization whose client list includes Fortune 100 companies, successful start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs. They believe that professional development and coaching should be available and accessible to entire organizations, in addition to company leaders and key team members. SEE accomplishes this and a lot more.

SEE is designed to be a communication and planning framework that operates similarly to an intranet. Dependent on your needs and the direction you want to go, we upload organizational material (like training curriculum, company goals and directives, important company information and other resource materials...in addition to professional planning, development and goal-setting data). SEE Strategies then supplements your material with training material tailored to your needs and professional coaching information that has proven to be incredibly effective.

Being web-based, SEE can be accessed from anywhere where there's an internet or cellular connection. It's also subscription-based, which ensures that your important company data is secure, protected and confidential, and accessible only to those with a password.

What are some of the content areas?

Built around four content areas, the centerpiece of SEE is a proprietary Professional Planning tool that the user customizes to his or her own needs, interests and objectives. Personal and professional coaching content is delivered via the other 3 “doors” in support of your personal plan. However, one of the great values our customers have benefited from is in customizing these other 3 doors to fit the unique culture and initiatives of their organization. These content areas can include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Career Path Management
  • Customer Service and Quality Assurance
  • Training
  • Brand Building
  • Project Management

What Differentiates SEE from other planning programs?

First and foremost, SEE wasn’t developed by a software company. It was created as a response to our senior-level clients’ desire to deliver the value of coaching and development to large numbers of people. It’s flexible and organized in a way that’s easy-to-use, accessible, and time efficient. The users of SEE will experience these benefits:

  • Save Time. It allows employees to be self-directed.
  • Professional Coaching. To support the program, SEE Strategies coaches will provide you with access to teleconferences, classes and other support.
  • Professional Planning Tool. You customize the tool to your unique needs…no cookie-cutter solutions with SEE!
  • Added Accountability. Create reports that assist you in managing your objectives and the activities of your reports.
  • New Content Daily. Everyday there’s something new for you and your employees to discover and use.


What are the benefits of coaching for your organization?

Companies that provided coaching to their employees showed improvements in the following areas:

Quality 48%
Organizational strength 48%
Customer service 39%
Reduction of customer complaints 34%
Executive retention of those receiving coaching 32%
Cost reductions 23%
Bottom-line profitability 22%

The benefits to the employees who received coaching included improved:

Working relationships 77%
Working relationships with immediate supervisors 71%
Teamwork 67%
Working relationships with peers 63%
Job satisfaction  61%
Reduction of conflict 52%
Organizational commitment 44%
Working relationships with clients 37%

What does SEE cost?

See Strategies offers volume-based licensing agreements to large organizations with 500 or more end-users. The amount of investment will vary based on the number of end-users and can often be less than a few dollars a month per employee.

How much better-off would your employees, team members and associates be if they had access to coaching on a 24/7, immediate, whenever-they-needed-it basis?

Call us today to learn more about this Simple, Efficient and Effective resource at 1.916.608.1812...or e-mail us.


*Ask about our special guidelines for organizations with over 250 end-users...you'll like the efficiencies and savings!

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